2What were the disciples doing every time Jesus returned from prayer in Gethsemane?
6Who was the high priest?
7How many silver coins bought Judas?
8Who was struck when the flock scattered?
10Unfavourable defeat needs changing to reveal day to prepare for Passover! (5,2,10,5)
13What type of servant did Peter first deny Jesus?
14Where did Jesus say he would go ahead to after he had risen?


1Whose home did Jesus stay in Bethany? (5,3,5)
3With what did Judas signify Jesus to the crowd?
4Jesus told Peter he would disown him three times before what crows?
5What type of jar held the expensive perfume?
7What did the high priest do to his clothes?
9What did the servant of the high priest lose?
11What did Jesus say of his was overwhelmed with sorrow?
12Jesus said one will betray me who has dipped his hand in what?

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